Saturday, 27 June 2015

John Anthony Marsh Duluth Georgia Business Leader

John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Professinal Business Leader.It is important for both the organization and the individual leader to be aware of how well the core competencies have been developed and what needs to be done to improve the expansion of these competencies. Core competencies for today’s business leader are as follows:
John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA understands that leadership is a process and not a style. While it is important how the leader is viewed by his or her followers, it is the positive dynamics the leader sets into action that really matter. If the leader focuses inwardly only on how he or she comes across, then the work that needs to be orchestrated by the leader suffers.
John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA sees the big picture. Included in that vision is the ability to align the work he or she orchestrates with the goals of the organization and to see how the pieces of work fit together. The leader sets goals for the area overseen and sets into motion the means to achieve those goals.
-Leadership of others requires the competency of collaboration. Included in the collaboration are the abilities to communicate effectively both through presentation and listening skills, work through conflicts to successful resolution, and the ability to influence others both within the area of leadership responsibility and across the organization to other areas and leaders, when coordination and cooperation are needed.
-Credibility is another important leadership competency. This means the leader works at developing trust. The leader is known to be trustworthy by keeping his or her word and by following through on important actions that need to be taken. Underlying trustworthiness is ethical behavior that involves not demeaning others or taking advantage of them, or by taking selfish actions that are for the leader’s advantage only.
-The leader understands and can work with different personality styles and cultures. In today’s increasingly diverse workplace, this competency is crucial. It involves respect for others even when differences are present. More importantly, it involves bringing the best out of what each person can contribute, despite the differences.
-The leader works to create a positive work climate. This involves getting members to support the common purpose of the organization. (After all, this is why the organization exists.) It also means fostering teamwork so that the work unit can achieve its output with quality results.
Balancing task, technology and people, the leader orchestrates the interface of the work that needs to be done with the people who need to do it. This involves constantly improving task processes and incorporating the latest technology integrating the work with people performance.
The leader is open to change. The leader keeps an eye open for continuous improvement possibilities as well as potential breakthrough innovations. This involves not only the ability to meet threats and challenges with the existing situation, but also openness to opportunities that become apparent.
Decision making ability is a competency needed by all leaders. Sometimes leaders will spend too much time analyzing a situation or become paralyzed in fear of making a wrong decision. Every leader has to realize making decisions involves the potential to make right ones and wrong ones. The important thing is willingness to take decisive steps after acquiring the best information available.
-The leader constantly supports people development. This activity is such an important part of the leadership process. It ties back to the other competencies listed above including creating appositive work climate, trust and the ability to balance task and people performance. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA best Business Leader. To know more about John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Business Leader. Please visit here :-

Thursday, 18 June 2015

John Anthony Marsh Duluth Georgia Talented Business Leader

John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Professional Business Leader in Duluth, Georgia. As business leaders and owners we can get caught up in the day-to-day business performance and output. It is a consent balance with market shifts, client care and managing the day-to-day operations of the business. These are all necessary aspects of business life. The key to growing a business successfully is to continually lay a strong foundation while you keep stretching the business into new segments of your market. This growth requires a strong team of loyal and focused people who understand the vision and direction of the business. As the business leader your perspective and trust building skills will be the catalyst to maximizing your team’s performance. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Best Business Leadera.
It is said that leaders leave footprints for others to follow. When it comes to team trust building this belief has never been truer. How a leader conducts themselves with their business teams sets the pace for performance within the team. So how can you as a leader ensure that you are setting the correct expectation and conduct for your team? Here are 4 ways to increase the level of trust your team has in you, and in turn the level of trust your team will have with each other.

  1. Always follow through with what you say. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA professional business service provider. To many times we get busy with what is happening in our business and forget to follow-up on our promises. Our teams listen and hear everything we say and take it as an absolute. As leaders we must be conscious of what message we give to our teams and have integrity to follow through with what we say. Your people will lose confidence in you as a leader if they cannot count on the fact that what you say is consistent with your actions.
  2. Be open with your teams and expect openness from the team. Being open with your team doesn’t mean you need to share every business secret. In all honesty sharing too much about the business can cause insecurity in your team and lower the team’s performance. Being open refers to sharing your vision for the business with your team members. Being open about the challenges the business may face and hearing out the team and their concerns. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA professional as a business leader your reality is your team’s perspective. You must be able to lay all beliefs on the table and discuss them openly. No concern or question is unimportant to your business.
  3. Clearly state your decisions and stand by them. In the end as the business leader you will have to make decisions that may not be popular with your team. The important thing to remember is to be open with your team and let them know how your decision leads the business closer to its goals. Always triangulate your decisions to the ultimate vision and be clear on your intent to realize move the business in this direction. Even when decisions are not popular you will build massive trust and respect by having the personal strength to keep moving towards the goal. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Professional Business Leader in Duluth, Georgia.
  4. Focus on your personal development along with you team. Often it is simpler to look at others as lacking ability or skill and claim that they are the barrier to advancement. In reality more often it is something we lack as leaders and we do not see it. This is where the openness with your team will be invaluable. Even as business leaders we will come to challenges in our businesses that we lack the experience, ability or skill, to move through it in an effective manner. By having an interdependent collaborative team you can better plan the development of yourself and team with the business vision in mind. As challenges arise you can look at yourself and your team to diagnose who will be best to tackle the challenge and what skills you and your team will need to keep the business moving forward. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA professional business service provider. To know more about John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA please visits here:-

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Professional Business Leader

John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA Best Professional Business Leader in Duluth, Georgia. The role of the business leader is both large and complex. There are at least 6 functions that will be undertaken, no matter what industry, sector or type of organisation in which they operate.
  1. Providing Overall Direction
John Anthony Marsh Duluth Georgia Business Leader. Businesses need to be able to visualise where the business will be 3-5 years down the line. In theory, this process of creating the vision might appear simple. However, you need to be mindful not just of competitors but also technological changes, changes in tastes and your current standing in the market place to name a few.
  1. Selecting the Right Strategies
Once you have the clarity on where you are headed in terms of your vision, you need to start selecting strategies to get you there. This might be viewed as the how you get from now to the future. It might be through acquisitions, expansion further back or further forward in the cycle, moving into new geographical markets or technological changes.
  1. Making Things Happen
There is a careful balance that needs to be struck, especially if you are at board level in a larger organisation. You need to be able to make things happen without taking on all of the execution yourself. This might seem hugely simple to achieve in theory but is incredibly difficult in practice
  1. Getting the Right Structure
The structure that you put in place needs to allow you to achieve the vision and execute the strategies. At the same time you need to try and keep it simple and not overly complex. The larger the organisation, the more difficult this becomes. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA is Business Leader.
  1. Motivating Others
Having clarity on your vision is essential. One of the key factors that will determines whether it is achieved or falters will be the ability of the leader to encourage and inspire those in the organisation to make it happen. In any organisation there will be a number of cynics who you need to convince.
  1. People Development
If the organisation is to continue to prosper, people development must be high on the agenda. The best organisations have processes for identifying the most talented people coming through and making sure that they are developed for major roles in the future. Ensuring that there is a continued stream of talent developed is a key factor in sustainable progress and achievement. John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA professional business service provider. To know more about John Anthony Marsh Duluth GA please visits here:-